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Title: Enhancing Resolution Using Iterative Back-Projection Technique for Image Sequences
Authors: Lin, Guo-Shiang; Lai, Min-Kuan
Keywords: resolution enhancement
image interpolation
iterative back projection
Issue Date: 11-11-2008
Abstract: Resolution enhancement is a basic and important technology in image/video processing. The goal of resolution enhancement is to reconstruct high-resolution image frames from the corresponding low-resolution versions. In this paper, an adaptive resolution enhancement scheme based on iterative back-projection was proposed. According to sub-pixel interpolation, additional information composed of several low-resolution shifted images can be created. After giving initial estimates for each low-resolution shifted image, reconstructed high-resolution images are derived by using a modified iterative back-projection and then fused to be a high-resolution one. Finally, a post-processing is utilized to reduce the blocking artifacts within the reconstructed high-resolution images. According to performance comparison, the experimental re-sults, in terms of PSNR and NQM, demonstrate that the proposed scheme is superior to these existing meth-ods.
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