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Title: Scheduling for ordered query services in multi-channel data broadcast systems
Authors: Lin, Yu-Hsien Jr; Jiang, Yi-Syuan Jr; Chen, Wei-Mei Jr
Keywords: data broadcasting
data scheduling
multiple channels
wireless mobile networks
Issue Date: 21-1-2011
Series/Report no.: 2010 ICS會議
Abstract: In wireless mobile environments, the bandwidth and client capability are limited. Data broadcasting is an efficient and scalable method to disseminate information to a large amount of mobile clients. In recent years, several research has engaged in scheduling dependent data on multiple broadcast channels. However, most of the previous research focused on unordered queries and only few of them on ordered queries. In this paper, we study the problem of data allocation for ordered queries on multiple broadcast channels and devise an efficient algorithm based on a local search strategy. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms the existing algorithms when the query distribution is known. Moreover, our algorithm with minor modification can also be applied efficiently when the query distribution is unknown.
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