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Title: Stochastic Resonance Effects of Human Visual Perception
Authors: Hsieh, Chi-Wen Jr; Lin, Tien-Chun Jr; Jong, Tai-Lang Jr; Chen, Chih-Yen Jr
Keywords: stochastic resonance
visual perception
wavelet transform
Issue Date: 29-5-2011
Series/Report no.: 2010 ICS會議
Abstract: The research about human visual perception has increased noticeably and it serves as the basis for the study of image processing. Basically, the behavior in human visual perception is highly pertinent to perceptual image quality, therefore influence on visual perception resulted in by distorted, noisy image is a crucial issue. One method applying the called “Stochastic Resonance”to noised signal processing has attracted increasing attention in recent years. The concept of stochastic resonance is that noised signal will be easier to recognize than the one without noise under appropriate noise and threshold level. There are plenty of researches about effect of stochastic resonance in biological signal processing and image processing fields. Furthermore, the effect of stochastic resonance in human visual perception was verified by related psychophysical experiments and pertinent researches were revealed. In the article, stochastic resonance phenomenon in human visual perception is investigated, especially, the effect of wavelet filtering on the stochastic resonance. Here a comparison between static image quality assessment and subjective human visual image quality evaluation of dynamical video, which is composed of low-pass filtered image, will be considered as an analytic vehicle to discuss the influence of low-pass filtering to the effect of stochastic resonance in human visual perception.
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