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Title: Using Genetic Algorithm for Maximizing Social Utility in Dynamic Spectrum Management
Other Titles: 以基因演算法求解動態頻譜管理 之整體效用最大化問題
Authors: 吳, 佩姍 Jr; 余, 俊瑩 Jr; 田, 惠華 Jr; 龔, 韋翰 Jr; 林, 佑政 Jr
Keywords: Dynamic spectrum management
genetic algorithm
background interference
Shannon utility
Issue Date: 6-6-2011
Series/Report no.: NCS 2009
Abstract: Thousands of equipments of the wireless network and the mobile devices are widely used and the demand of dynamic spectrum resources is significantly growing. How to maximize the social utility in modern technique becomes an important issue. In this paper, a genetic algorithm based approach which dynamically allocates the power spectrum is proposed to enhance the system efficiency. The objective is to maximize the sum of individual Shannon utilities with the background interference and crosstalk consideration. Compared to the approach in [4], experimental result shows that our approach obtains a better result within an acceptable amount of run time.
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