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Title: 地方選舉總部區位與得票率之空間關聯分析:99年台中市第九選區(北區)議員選舉案例分析
Other Titles: A spatial correlation analysis of campaign headquarters location and voting pattern – a case study of the city councilman election (the ninth district) of Taichung Municipality
Authors: 王, 建智; 柳, 環瑜
Keywords: 地方選舉
Local Election
Neighborhood Effect
Spatial Correlation
Issue Date: 29-4-2013
Abstract: 隨著社經環境的改變,地方性在台灣地區民意代表的選舉中日益顯著,若從都市治理的角度來說,民意代表必須代表和反映選區的民意。所以選舉結果中屬於地方性較強的人士當選應是必然的結果。選區的經營對於有意參選民意代表的地方人士變成一項極為重要的工作,而且如何能將地方經營的績效反映在選舉的結果,也就是如何善用所謂的「鄰里效果」。本研究嘗試以民國99年之台中市第一屆區域議員第九選區議員選舉作為案例分析對象,嘗試應用空間關聯分析方法檢視,檢視候選人在各里的得票情形和競選總部的空間關聯性,希望透過案例分析能夠瞭解鄰里效果在台灣地區地方選舉的作用。
Abstract From the viewpoint of city governance, a city councilman is a representative of its constituency. Also, in order to win an election, one has to maintain a closed linkage with its constituency, which is to take advantage of the so-called “neighborhood effect”. The objective of this study is to analyze the existence of “neighborhood effect” which is to measure the spatial correlation between campaign headquarters location and voting pattern of the 2000 councilman election of Taichung Municipality.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 王, 大立
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 都市計畫個案研究
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 都市計畫與空間資訊學系,建設學院
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