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Title: 逢甲大學多功能體育館使用滿意度調查-田野調查組
Other Titles: Survey of the Satisfaction in Feng Chia University Multipurpose Stadium
Authors: 許, 真怡; 陳, 則宇; 羅, 國維; 李, 杰
Keywords: 田野調查法
Field investigation method
standards of design
Issue Date: 29-4-2013
Abstract: 隨著國民生活水平提高,民眾對生活中各項設施的需求也越來越大,逢甲大學為了能提供師生和社區民眾能有更多元化的運動生活空間,興建了多功能體育館。本研究為了瞭解體育館的使用者為何以及其滿意度,也想透過調查各樣設施是否充足和是否符合其設計標準,能夠幫助學校、學生以及使用者多功能體育館何處設施需要改善,又何處超過或低於需求,而做相當的調整及改善。 本組使用田野調查法和滿意度隨意問卷,首先收集資料,整理出要訪問之人、事、物,使用紙、筆、計數器、相機等工具,經由實地調查搭配記錄、拍攝、測繪,最後做資料彙整及分析。 調查結果可以看出多功能體育館整體設備都算相當健全,美中不足的是滅火器少許過期及標示不清。使用者平日以上課人數為大宗,多使用的是一樓羽球場和三樓主球場;假日原本以為健身房會是使用量最高的,但其實不然,本組推測是因為剛好和全國大專拔河聯賽的舉辦有關。而最重要的是,滿意度無論是器材或是服務方面都令使用者相當滿意。
Abstract With the democracy more and more emphasize the living standers. The demand of the public facility is more and more high. In order to provide a variety of sport space to students, teachers and community people, Feng Chia University constructed the multipurpose stadium. In this study, in order to understand that who are the user? And what is the user’s satisfaction? We also want to know whether facilities are in stander or not enough. Hope it can be suggest to the school, students, and other users. Where is over demand or lower demand? Where we can improve and adjust? Our group using the field investigation method and satisfaction random questionnaire. First, we collect data and we breakdown into people, affairs and materials. We also use paper, pens, counters, cameras and other tolls. With records, photography, mapping, through the field survey and finally do data aggregation and analysis. The results of the survey can be seen the equipment of the multipurpose stadium are quite robust but some extinguishers are a little outdated and marked unclear. Most of all, users go to feather field on first floor and the volleyball court on the third floor for class. We thought it would be most high used on holiday. It’s not true. Our group speculated that it have a “Tug of War” in feather field on first floor. The most important is that the satisfaction of equipment and services are both satisfied with users.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 賴, 美蓉
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 研究方法
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 都市計劃與空間資訊學系, 建設學院
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