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Title: 城市吸引力:以台北與台南之街區創新改造為例
Other Titles: City Attractiveness - A Case Study of Innovative Reconstruction in the Street District of Taipei and Tainan
Authors: 廖, 芸萱
Keywords: 空間環境再造
Environmental Reconstruction
Street District Organization
Creative Settlements
City Attractiveness
Issue Date: 29-4-2013
Abstract: 街道巷弄是城市的血脈,也是文化發展的泉源,但隨著時代的進步,這些原本充滿著生活風情的地區卻逐漸沒落,形成治安死角或是閒置空間,這對於城市的整體風貌及氛圍上無疑是項打擊。為了改善這樣的情形,台北和台南兩座科技與文化的重鎮,發起了全然不同的街區改造計畫,充滿活力的「台北創意街區」以及重現昔日風情的「台南老屋再造」。一座城市給人的感覺與氛圍,都關係到是否能吸引人們前來走訪、旅遊,甚至落葉生根,在此定居下來。本研究採用文獻回顧法彙整台北與台南兩座城市的街區特色與發展,初步比較「創意街區」和「老屋再造」,兩種改變城市風貌的創建活動之間的差異與影響,並探討街區改革行動對於促進城市吸引力的關鍵為何。本研究結果顯示促使街區創新成功有三個重要的因素,分別為「在地的結合」、「人群的心態」和「故事的創造」。由此可推論城市在街區創新改造注入新穎的文化元素時,首先必須考量與在地環境的結合,不能忽略原有的地方特色;再者,街區的創新除了要能與環境融合外,參與活動的人在心態與素質上都必須有相同的共識;最後,街區創新所代表的精神不僅僅是人與人之間的交流互動,而是在改造的過程中所衍生出來的精彩故事,形成豐富的文化內涵,使街區成為最具文化特色的城市魅力據點。
Abstract Streets and alleys are the lifeblood of the city, and they are also the critical source of cultural development. With the passage of time, these environmental elements, originally filled with the life style, gradually declined and became insecure areas or vacant spaces. In order to improve this situation, Taipei and Tainan, as important cities of technology and culture in Taiwan, have launched unique street district transformation plans. These plans include a vigorous creative street district in Taipei and an historic house reconstruction in Tainan. They are intended to create livable milieu to attract people to the city. In this study, literature review method is applied to collect the data and analyze the characteristics of street district in both Taipei and Tainan. The results indicate that a successful street district is composed of three important factors. They are local connections, residents’ attitude, and local legend, respectively. The reconstruction of innovative street district needs to take local environmental characteristics into account. Moreover, residents’ participation also plays an important role in create better street districts. Finally, the interaction among people in the street district can produce wonderful stories that indicate the common endeavor made by the community.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 劉, 立偉
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 城市創新與創意城市
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 景觀與遊憩碩士學位學程, 建設學院
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