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Title: Comparing the western and eastern social satire via adventure stories:the analysis of Gulliver’s Travels and Journey to the West
Other Titles: 東方與西方冒險故事中的社會諷刺之比較:以格列佛遊記與西遊記作品為例
Authors: Yu-Yu, Chen; 陳, 宥羽
Keywords: Gulliver’s Travels
Journey to the West
Wu Cheng'en
Jonathan Swift
social satire
adventure stories
Issue Date: 31-5-2015
Abstract: This paper aims to compare Gulliver’s Travels and Journey to the West by discussing the symbols and the plot of social satire of the two literary works. The paper first mentions the background of the two authors: Wu Cheng'en and Jonathan Swift and the historical background of the two novels. Wu and Swift both live in turbulent eras and are dissatisfied with the rulers. In addition, the paper analyzes and compares the literary techniques use in the two works. In Gulliver’s Travels and Journey to the West, the characters travel to the fictional countries which can be viewed as symbols of social satire. What’s more, the paper also shows the ideas of the authors presented in their works. The novels can be read and explained in different aspects. However, under the veil of science fiction, the authors actually hide deeper meanings in the stories. From the comparison, we can conclude that Wu and Swift use the same way to express their dissatisfaction with the societies and politics because of their similar background.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: Wei-Wei, Shen
沈, 薇薇
???metadata.dc.description.course???: English Writing 6
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