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Title: 運用影像處理技術於滑鼠LED圖形投影清晰檢測之研究
Other Titles: Use of image processing technology to detect clear projection in the mouse LED graphics
Authors: 林, 廣柏; 張, 文瑋; 黃, 駿偉
Keywords: 滑鼠
light emitting diode(LED)
clear projection
Issue Date: 22-3-2016
Abstract: 具LED圖型投影之電競滑鼠已逐漸受到電競選手喜愛,然而此種滑鼠於生產過程中具有影像清晰度瑕疵問題,此問題在於瑕疵滑鼠容易形成光點模糊之現象,傳統檢測方法大多利用肉眼檢測投影之影像,但此方法耗時、效率不佳,對檢測人員視力健康影響甚大,為了提升產品的品質及銷售量,同時為了減少成本的支出與檢測人員的職業傷害,利用機器視覺對影像進行清晰度檢測已成為現今產業界的主流處理方法,此方法能快速、精確的進行自動化檢測,可用於取代效果不彰的傳統肉眼檢測。目前最先進之清晰度檢測之方法大多應用於自動對焦技術,主要判斷整張影像是否模糊或清晰,然而目前較少研究檢測LED圖型投影之清晰度,有鑑於此,本計畫將設計新的清晰度檢測方式,首先針對擷取之影像進行影像前處理,萃取出目標檢測區域,接著利用影像比較的方法來檢測影像的清晰度,並使用一般米粒檢測中擷取單一米粒的技術來計算光點個數,接著針對影像兩側之光點分析其差異,可檢測此滑鼠之LED圖型投影是否清晰,在實驗過程中,本計畫將蒐集清晰與模糊之LED圖型投影之影像,用以驗證此方法可行性。
The mouse with has LED projector gradually been competing gaming player favorite, But this mouse has a defect that is LED projection clarity flaws. Most traditional methods of projection images with the naked eye to detect, but this method is time-consuming, poor efficiency, impact on the visual health quality assurance Inspector great. In order to improve product quality and sales,The LED projection clarity flaws detection by program,so that detection process is fast and accurate.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 楊, 世宏
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 專題製作
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