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Title: 手指測心跳 ARDUINO傳感器
Other Titles: Heart beat Arduino
Authors: 沈, 明慧; 張, 靜榕; 張, 育瑄; 吳, 秉翰; 洪, 子勛
Keywords: 脈搏
FIG rhythm
Finger measuring heart
Issue Date: 19-4-2016
Abstract: 現在的科技日益發達,市面上有許多在家就可以檢測健康的醫學儀器,不僅方便又省時省錢,而且還可以跟手機的程式APP做連結,隨時隨地掌控關心的人的身體健康,所以我們選擇「手指測心跳」這個實驗,希望可以對有需要的人有所幫助,解決他們困難。一開始我們必須先了解手指測心跳的基本構造,像是手指測心跳模組、Arduino程式等等,再來就是本實驗得關鍵「手指測心跳程式」,如果沒有這個程式就無法做這一項實驗,我們上網查了很多有關的程式的相關資訊,但是所得的資訊都會有一些小小的誤差,所以我們找了一個誤差最小的程式實驗,實驗的結果雖然是成功的,但是脈搏的波動沒有像網路的參考資料那麼的大,不過相信經過多次的修改一定會讓手指測心跳的這個實驗更加成功。
Now increasingly advanced technology, the market can detect many home health medical equipment, not only convenient and save time and money, but also to do with the program APP phone link, anywhere control over people's health care, so we Select "finger measuring heart" is an experiment, hoping to help people in need, to solve their problems. First we must first understand the basic structure of finger sensing heartbeat, heart beat like a finger sensing module, Arduino program and so on, again is the key in this experiment was "finger measuring heart program" Without this program will not be able to do this one experiments, we checked the Internet a lot of information about the program, but the information obtained, there will be some small errors, so we have to find a minimum error of the experimental program, although the results of the experiment was a success, but there is no pulse wave like web references so big, but I believe the revised several times to make sure the finger measuring heart of this experiment more successful.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 蔡, 裕鼎
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 精密量測
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