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Title: 製作多重對稱性之準晶格光子晶體提升發光二極體之 光萃取效率
Other Titles: Making multiple symmetry of quasi- lattice photonic crystals to enhance the light emitting diode of the extraction efficiency
Authors: 黃, 榛莉
Keywords: 發光二極體
Light-emitting diodes
Quasi-photonic crystals (QPhCs)
Holography lithography.
Issue Date: 30-9-2016
Abstract: 本專題研究計畫主旨為開發新型紫外光全像術微影系統,利用奈米結構相位光罩搭配紫外光全像術微影系統,進而將1道雷射光分成4道雷射光,並可利用旋轉樣品曝光角度在光阻上形成多重對稱性之準晶格光子晶體(quasi-photonic crystals, QPhCs)結構圖案。我們提出此方法相對於過去的全像術微影技術,利用奈米結構相位光罩可以大幅的減少曝光和顯影次數,如此得到的奈米結構可以更為穩定。我們也將此QPhCs結構製作於藍光發光二極體(light-emitting diodes, LEDs)晶粒表面來提升光萃取效率。實驗結果得到製作4重對稱性PhCs結構之LEDs所量測出的光萃取效率比平面LEDs提升了1.27倍;而製作8重對稱性QPhCs之LEDs結構的光萃取效率也比平面LEDs提升了1.56倍。最後我們也進一步利用8邊形奈米結構相位光罩進行繞射圖案之模擬工作,並討論旋轉樣品特定的曝光角度,可進一步得到特殊新奇繞射圖形。故此專題研究計畫所提出之計畫與研究成果,確實有助於進一步提升藍光LEDs之光萃取效率。
In this project as proposed, UV holography lithography technique combined with phase mask of nanostructures are chosen as the main role on developing its unique applications, including GaN QPhC LEDs based high light extraction efficiency. We have established the simulation models for optimizing the structure and characteristics of GaN QPhC LEDs, and have developed the process for fabricating GaN QPhC LEDs. The proposed GaN QPhC LEDs produced the light extraction efficiency of 1.56x compared with the standard GaN LEDs. This study successfully developed a novel holography lithography technique that introduces lower-cost fabricated GaN QPhC LEDs.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 賴, 俊峰
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 專題研究(一)
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