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Title: 認識路
Other Titles: Getting acquaintance with roads
Authors: 呂, 柏陞
Keywords: 用路人
google map
unsafe road
Issue Date: 1-10-2016
Abstract: 本次報告主要目的是基於現行汽機車族越來越多,但道路數目仍不大增加之情況下,很多車禍經常發生,造成許多無辜性命的逝去而產生,藉由課堂所學知識,探討有問題之道路及相關的標誌標線,再去細究故鄉台中市區有問題、有可能發生車禍之路段,經由這些有問題路段,提醒並教育用路人應注意之事項。本報告第二部分內容之照片均採用google map實景,輔以紅色圈圈作為註明,標出有問題之處,照片上方再由些許文字做說明。而在經由第二部分的路況分析後,可以發現到實際上這些路段僅僅是台中市有問題道路中的一小部分,但問題已眾多,其中不乏標誌不明確、甚至沒有明確標誌,實屬可避免之事。由此可知,應多加強相關人員的教育訓練,以防止類似情況發生,甚至英從小就被教育正確之用路道路觀念,進而減少交通事故,增進人民福祉,共創社會和諧。
Nowadays, there are abundant cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians having the right to make use of roads. Unfortunately, not all of the roads are safe. There are some problems such as no clear signs or even no signs that may confuse the drivers, will lead to severe accident. The purpose of this report is to find some unsafe roads in Taichung city by using google map, and to discuss where the problems are, also to propose the solution to make these unsafe roads become more safely.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 張, 漢威
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 肇事科學鑑定實務
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