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Title: 「翻轉選戰的流浪狗團隊:柯文哲核心幕僚談勝選關鍵」 讀書心得報告
Other Titles: Stray Dogs Team Flip the Campaign:Interview with Key Staff Experience Report
Authors: 劉, 欣嫚
Keywords: 政治
analysis of campaign
political party
Issue Date: 7-10-2016
Abstract: (1) A部分為挑選書中其中一個章節做內容重點條列說明。 B部分為對整本書提出個人批評及意見。 (2) 從這本書中可以獲的很多政治的歷史知識:以前發生的事對現在的影響、競選的宣傳途徑隨時代變化而影響選情、不同時代的人對政治的態度等等,從很多角度去解釋為何勝選及為何敗選。原來促成柯文哲參選以及勝選的結果,不僅僅只是因為他個人的人生經歷和想法,同時也必須要將台灣的政治文化、歷史演變、時代變遷等等因素通通涵括在內,而其中最為重要的關鍵即是掌握趨勢。 (3) 對於藍營以外的政治人物都缺乏信任,甚至對於任何民進黨的候選人都帶有仇恨、選民要的只是一種感覺、一種情緒。必須了解每個政黨核心理念、歷史歷程後再決定要支持或是不支持,不可以用盲從的心態去支持家人口中的政治。
(1) A part :Choose a chapter in the book do highlight content B part: Made the whole book of personal criticism and comments (2) You can get a lot from this book of historical knowledge of politics: The impact of what happened before now、the ways to promote its change with time and affect the election、different times of political attitudes , etc.Many ways to explain why victory and defeat。Ko Wen-je decided to participate in the election and win the election of the reasons, is not only because of his life experiences and ideas,but also consider Taiwan's political culture , historical evolution, and time change,etc.And the most important key is to master the trend . (3) For other than the blue camp 's lack of trust in politicians,even for any candidate of the Green Party comes with hatred.People want just a feeling and a mood.You must understand the core concept and history of each party , and then decide whether or not to support,not with slavish attitude to support political family mouth .
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 劉, 坤鱧
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 政治學
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