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Title: 模擬再生衛生紙製造工廠
Other Titles: Simulation of Recycled Toilet Paper Factory
Authors: 林, 姿妘
Keywords: 再生衛生紙
recycled toilet paper
Issue Date: 7-10-2016
Abstract: 在現今的生活裡,衛生紙成為不可或缺的生活用品,然而基於衛生紙「用完即棄」的特性,過去有環保團體指出,不應浪費珍貴的木漿來造衛生紙,進而衍發出以廢紙回收,經過較一般再生紙複雜的程序,再生成衛生紙,不但環保也能夠處理廢棄的紙張,減少地球上有限資源的浪費。在製造過程中,將廢紙送入散漿機製成紙漿,經過除污除渣、篩洗及篩選、脫墨淨漿等等,最後經由抄紙機將其作成衛生紙,並在加工後包裝出廠,在此模擬其生產製造所產生的淺在問題,並加以改善。
In today's life, toilet paper becomes an indispensable daily necessity. However, based on "disposable" characteristics, environmental groups have pointed out that should not waste precious wood-pulp to make toilet paper, and then developed with using wastepaper for recycling. The recycling procedure complex than recycled paper, generate into toilet paper. It’s good not only for environmental protection but also capable of processing wastepaper and reduce waste limited resources on Earth. In the manufacturing process, the wastepaper imports to the pulper, through the decontamination cleaner, sieve and filter, deinking flotation etc. Finally, through the paper machine becomes to toilet paper. Simulated the manufacturing to find its potential problems, and make the improvements.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 陳, 亭志
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 模擬學
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