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Title: 圖書館照明節能改善潛力之研究
Other Titles: Assessment on Lighting Energy Conservation Potential of Library
Authors: 吳, 政軒
Keywords: 照明節能
Lighting energy saving
Light power density(LPD)
DIALux Lighting simulation
Issue Date: 15-10-2016
Abstract: 近年來對於環境議題的重視,使得節能減碳成為重要的任務,大學校園圖書館為了提供滿足閱讀需求之照明環境,必須長時間使用大量照明設備,為校園高耗電建築類型。本研究以逢甲大學圖書館為例,在滿足基本照明品質的前提下,透過替換高效率燈具與照明減量的方式,輔以照明模擬軟體DIALux驗證,評估整體照明節能潛力與節能效益。研究結果顯示,原平均照明功率密度為19.55 W/m²,更換高效率燈具可降為14.41 W/m²,再行燈具減量後降為7.07 W/m²,若再於窗邊閱讀區設置智慧化調光控制系統,則每年約可節省人工照明使用時數2256小時,可作為相關照明改善之參考。
In recent years, the importance of environmental issues, energy-saving carbon reduction has become an important task. The university campus library in order to meet the reading needs of the lighting environment, must be a long time to use a large number of lighting equipment for high-power campus building type. This study takes the Feng Chia University library as an example to evaluate the overall lighting energy saving potential and energy efficiency by replacing the high-efficiency light source and lighting reduction method and lighting simulation software DIALux verification under the premise of satisfying the basic lighting quality. The results show that the original average power density of 19.55 W/m², the replacement of high-efficiency lamps can be reduced to 14.41 W/m², re-lamp reduced to 7.07 W/m². If the window reading area to set the smart lighting control system, the annual savings of about 2256 hours of artificial lighting hours can be used as a reference of lighting improvement.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 趙, 又嬋
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 建築物理環境與控制
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 建築學系, 建設學院
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