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Title: Pokemon LED造型檯燈
Other Titles: Pokemon LED lighting
Authors: 許, 宏銘; 蘇, 威豪; 王, 鈺淇; 曾, 嘉羽
Keywords: 暖白光LEDs
Warm white LEDs
LED driver board
Creative luminaire
Issue Date: 20-2-2017
Abstract: 此實驗課程為發光二極體(light-emitting diode, LED)封裝與量測專題實作,課程內容讓我們了解暖白光LEDs的封裝製作流程,並量測其之光學特性。我們從中得知暖白光LEDs之作用原理,並設計一個符合暖白光LEDs之驅動電路,最後實際去製作出Pokemon LED造型檯燈之創意燈具。 整個實驗過程如下,首先將藍光LEDs晶粒利用固晶機點膠固晶於導線架上,接著利用打線機進行打金線,然後將螢光粉漿料噴塗至藍光LED上,並放入烤箱烤乾後得到暖白光LEDs。暖白光LEDs之光學特性,藉由積分球量測出單顆暖白光LEDs的發光特性,最後將完成的電路與燈具模型做結合,製作出Pokemon LED造型檯燈。此創意燈具可以用於許多用途,例如:小夜燈或檯燈等。
This experimental course is practice project on package and measurement of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). We have learned the warm white LED packaging process and optical performance of LED light sources in this course. We used the warm white LEDs combined with the driver board of LEDs, which fabricated the Pokemon LED lighting. In this study, the blue LED chip was firstly boned on the lead frame. Then, the wire bonded machine and phosphor sprayed machine were used to fabricate the warm white LEDs. Next, the luminous efficiency and color performance of warm white LEDs have been also measured by using integration sphere. Finally, we have fabricated the creative luminaire of Pokemon LED lighting. This creative luminaire can be used for many applications, such as night light and lamp.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 賴, 俊峰
???metadata.dc.description.course???: LED 封裝與量測專題實作
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