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Title: 老人安養照護APP:視訊共享
Other Titles: Elderly Nursing Care APP : Visual Communication Sharing
Authors: 梁, 少榕; 陳, 怡蕙; 蕭, 鴻儒
Keywords: 幸福老化
手機 APP
Happy Aging
Instant Messaging
Mobile Application
Issue Date: 20-2-2017
Abstract: 目前社會上有許多關於老年照護的議題,由於少子化與人口老化是目前時代不可改變的趨勢,雖然國家已經通過長期照護服務法,但是相關資源和配套措施尚未完備,需要大家一起努力逐步建構幸福老化的社會。 有鑑於老年人的移動性較低,需要視訊溝通來增加生活的方便性和樂趣的分享。尤其是科技一直在進步,現在幾乎每個人都至少有一台手機和家家戶戶都有電腦,以前人們只能透過寫信來傳遞訊息,後來有了電話可以即時的傳遞聲音,而現在則是更方便地藉由網路使用通訊軟體如Line或Facebook Message。然而日益增加的老年人口始終不是這些通訊軟體的主要使用者,也因此缺乏許多可能會對老年人方便的功能,例如不需要打字而使用語音和影像溝通。 所以我們希望打造一個APP與網站結合,能夠讓老年人與親友建立簡單的視訊溝通橋樑,藉由容易操作的視訊APP,提供長輩方便、快樂生活照護上的視訊分享功能。
Nowadays, there have been various issues regarding the elderly care in our society. Because the trend of declining birth rates and increasing aging population is not going to chang soon, we must take actions to achieve a successful aging society. Although the government has already passed the Long-term Care Services Act, the necessary resources and supporting measures are not yet adequate to develop a society with comprehensive elderly welfare. Owing to the lower mobility of the elderly, visual communication is required to increase daily-life convenience and sharing of joys. With the advance of technology, almost everyone has at least one smart phone and every household has a home computer. Coming from the era of writing letters for communication, we move now from voice communication of phones to computer networks using additional channels of online messengers such as LINE or Facebook Messenger. However, most elderly people are not main users of the above communication software. This is because these services lack useful and easy-to-use features for the elderly. For example, instead of typing words, voice and visual communications are more suitable. In view of this, we would like to develop a mobile APP along with a website to bridge the communication between the elderly and their family members and friends. This easy-to-use video chat application offers the elderly a video sharing feature for them to enjoy a more convenient and happy life.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 楊, 東麟
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 專題研究(二)
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