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Title: 生活小幫手:以學生為例
Other Titles: Assistant for Daily Life Activities : Using a Student Helper for Example
Authors: 李, 明哲; 莊, 育豪; 李, 霽烝
Keywords: 手機APP
Issue Date: 20-2-2017
Abstract: 隨著時代的進步,吸收新知的管道不再只是書本,或是人與人之間的口耳相傳,電腦網路服務已能提供無遠弗屆的大量資訊與服務,在生活上產生巨大的影響。尤其是透過輕巧的移動式設備,像是智慧型手機或是平板電腦,資訊的取得更快,對人們的服務也更加的準確和即時。 科技越來越發達,導致生活步調不斷的加快,從前手寫的記事本已經逐漸消失,取而代之的是每個人的手機,記錄每天的行程和待辦事項。但是對於生活忙碌的人來說,仍然常常會忘記去看接下來的行程和需要完成的事項或赴約,因此我們設計了一個能夠自動提醒的APP—生活小幫手。 生活小幫手是個可以幫助人們生活管理的APP,讓使用者在生活上可以更方便處理日常的事務,如個人秘書般在旁協助和管理使用者的日常生活和工作。這個小幫手可以針對不同使用者的生活起居、移動行為、帳務和工作自動做提醒,不需手動輸入就能提供適時適地的資訊服務。目前我們以學生為例來開發系統,主要提供家庭起居、上學、記帳、赴約、共遊的提醒功能,最終目的是希望使用者透過這個APP能讓生活變得更加美好。
With the progress of the times, the channels of absorbing new knowledge are no longer just books or word-of-mouth communication between people, computer network services have been able to provide a great deal of information and services in life, resulting in a huge life Impact. Especially through the use of lightweight mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, people have faster access to information and more accurate and timely services. More and more advanced technologies have led us to the accelerated pace of life. Since the handwritten notebook has gradually disappeared in the past, many people use mobile phones to record daily itinerary and to-do list. But for busy people who often forget to check the agendas, they need to make sure that the scheduled tasks and appointments will be taken care of. Therefore, we design an APP to assist users in daily life activities as an automatic reminder. This APP can help people manage their daily life activities so that they can live more conveniently. It acts like a personal secretary to assist users in handling the daily affairs and tasks at work. The assistant can work as a reminder for different users based on their daily schedules, moving behaviors, bookkeeping and work routines. It does not require manual input to provide appropriate information services in the right place at the right time. Take as an example, we develop our current system of a student helper mainly to provide students with reminding services for the home living, attending classes, bookkeeping, keeping the appointment, and going out together. The ultimate goal is to make life more convenient and productive for the user of our APP.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 楊, 東麟
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 專題研究(二)
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