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Title: 應用於居家照護之移動式座椅機器人之設計
Other Titles: Design of a Mobile Robot for Home Care
Authors: 劉, 永翔
Keywords: Kinect
Home Care
Mobile Robot
Issue Date: 13-3-2017
Abstract: 隨著醫療衛生科技進步,工商業發展及生育率降低,使得人口結構高齡化。高齡者與行動不便者皆因行動受限導致移動較耗時、費力,且有受傷的風險。本文將研發移動式座椅機器人,主要以居家照護為主,當高齡者與行動不便者在家中因體力不支需至座椅休息時,座椅會自行偵測使用者位置,並主動移動至使用者可乘坐之範圍,藉以降低其移動時受傷的風險。此過程不需依靠他人攙扶或行動輔助器協助,效益上不僅提升兩者在生活上的便利性,甚至可減少醫療資源的使用與花費。本文所設計之座椅機器人,主要是將一個輕型塑膠座椅架設於輪型機器人上,其中以彈簧連接輪型機器人與塑膠座椅,使得機器人移動時為騰空狀態,當使用者坐下時,機器人為固定狀態,此座椅機器人具有Kinect,主要用於偵測使用者標記或人臉,並估測其距離,再利用線段掃描法偵測障礙物,使得機器人可閃避障礙物以移動至使用者可乘坐之範圍。
With the progress of science and technology in medicine, the development of industrial and commercial and fertility rate are reduced, causing population structure to age. Elderly person with reduced mobility is limited because the cause of action to move the more time-consuming, laborious, and there is risk of injury. In this paper, the development of mobile robot seats, mainly in home-based care, when the elderly person with reduced mobility at home weakened and need rest to the seat, the seat will detect the user's location on their own and take the initiative to use mobile who can take the range, thereby reducing the risk of injury when moving it. This process does not need to rely on others or arm action aids assistance, not only to enhance the effectiveness of both the conveniences of life, and even reduce the use and cost of health care resources. This article is designed seat robot, the main is a lightweight plastic chairs set up on a wheeled robot, which is connected to the spring seat and plastic wheel robot, so the robot is moving vacated state, when the user to sit down, robot fixed state, the robot has a seat Kinect, is mainly used to detect a user tag or people's faces and estimate its distance, and then use the line scanning method to detect an obstacle, the robot can move to dodge obstacles to use who can take the range.
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