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Title: 旅遊推薦及快速旅程安排系統
Other Titles: Group Travel Recommendation and Trip Schedule System
Authors: 謝, 忠穎; 張, 哲愷; 鄭, 金君; 陳, 佩貝
Keywords: 行程安排
Skyline Queries
Trip Advisor
Travel Book
Skyline Queries
Issue Date: 13-3-2017
Abstract: 現在這個交通發達的時代,怎麼去玩已經不再是擔心的重點,大家反而是在煩惱哪裡可以去遊玩,為了解決大家這個困擾,我們設計這個網頁能夠讓大家輕鬆安排旅遊。為了要讓系統更完善,我們將目前市面上的旅遊規劃網站與我們撰寫的網頁來做衡量,將我們認為做得不夠好的地方改進,並且強化我們的優點,最後實作出旅遊推薦及快速行程安排系統。 我們設計的這個網站,主要包含三個部分-旅遊推薦、行程瀏覽以及旅遊書規劃,旅遊推薦是根據使用者(們)在一開始所填入的個人興趣指標,再從所有景點中找出最符合使用者興趣的地點,除了遊玩景點的推薦,更添加了附近飯店的資訊,讓使用者在安排行程的同時也能夠順邊尋找附近的飯店,不用在額外花時間在找尋飯店上。行程瀏覽是由使用者選擇有興趣的景點以及飯店之後,將所選擇的景點以及飯店按照出發的時間安排成一個完整的行程。而旅遊書規劃提供使用者自定義的旅遊書編輯畫面,讓使用者在實際出遊時能夠快速瀏覽而不必在自己製作筆記。且我們的旅遊書提供下載列印的功能,可以讓你在旅遊時帶著走順便記錄旅遊的過程。
Nowadays we have a well-developed transportation system. People never worried about where they can go, but where to go. In order to deal with this problem we design this website for people to schedule their trip more effectively . We compare all trip website on the internet with ours to improve the weakness and strengthen advantage for building this system. There are three parts of our website. Trip Advisor、 Schedule Review、 Travel Book editor. Trip Advisor is according to the Interest of people fill in our system through our system. We can find the most suitable attractions to give people advice. Besides Trip Advisor we also add information about hostel nearby. Let our user more convenience. Schedule Review can help people schedule their trip. And easy to review it. Travel Book editor will auto-scan your schedule and convert your schedule to a beautiful travel book. You can also custom it by yourself. Our Travel Book providing you download it and you can take it with you on your trip.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 陳, 奕中
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 專題研究
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