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Title: 菜園紀錄簿
Other Titles: Garden record book
Authors: 施, 弘元; 紹, 安邦; 盧, 建勇; 蘇, 楷博; 鍾, 京建; 鄧, 鎧維
Keywords: 民法
Civil law
the roof garden
FCU Museum Branch
Issue Date: 20-3-2017
Abstract: 一、 觀察力及聯想力的培養 二、 專技應用: (一) 民法:懸賞廣告、無因管理、不當得利、侵權行為、契約、相鄰關係、共有…。 (二) 土地法:土地之間的關係:區位的座落與使用分區的劃分、重劃、地界… (三) 財務規劃:成本效益或物流等評估 (四) 與環境(自然)間的關係:ex:降低熱島效應、改善都市熱環境、增加小生物棲息空間、都市永續等相關議題 (五) 與建築的關係:ex:隔離建築物、保水效果可減少屋面排水、屋頂農業並可補償都市化造成的綠地面積下降、降低都市內高溫、吸收二氧化碳以外、創造(或活化)都市多元使用的空間等 (六) 與都資的關係:ex:降低都市洪患創造立體綠網改善都市環境和「綠」容積推動之可能性的探討 (七) 與景觀休閒遊憩關係:屋頂綠美化、其都市內另一種休閒遊憩空間,並具療育效果:ex: 幼童—環境教育;老年—運動;生病者—療育 (八) 與社區營造關係:讓社區居民、大樓住戶能夠走出家門,一起參與社區內的公共活動,增進鄰里間的情感與強化社區的向心力。 (九) 與社會的關係:能促使都市成為生產糧食蔬菜的空間,補貼部分的糧食自給;同時可間接減少市民的carbon footprint。 (十) 與法律的關係:前述衍生的各類法律問題 三、團隊合作 四、責任心的培養 五、紓壓:除草除煩惱 六、體驗:愛護小生命 (有機栽種)與收成的喜悅
1.the observation and the cultivation of association 2.the special application: (A) civil law: reward advertising, no management, unjust enrichment, infringement, contract, adjacent relationship, a total of .... (B) of the land law: the relationship between land: the location of the location and use of the zoning division, redraw, boundary ... (C) financial planning: cost-effectiveness or logistics and other assessment (D) Relationship with environment (nature): ex: reduction of heat island effect, improvement of urban thermal environment, increase of habitat space for small organisms, urban sustainability and other related issues (E) Relationship with buildings: ex: isolation of buildings, water conservation can reduce the roof drainage, roof agriculture and urbanization can compensate for the decline in green area, reduce urban high temperature, absorb carbon dioxide outside, create (or activate) The use of space and so on (F) the relationship with the capital: ex: to reduce urban floods create three-dimensional green network to improve the urban environment and the "green" capacity to promote the possibility of (G) Relationship with landscape recreation and recreation: greening of the roof, another leisure and recreation space in the city, with the effect of treatment: ex: young children - environmental education; elderly - exercise; (H) to create a relationship with the community: to enable community residents, building tenants to go out of the house, to participate in public activities within the community to enhance the feelings between neighbors and strengthen the community's centripetal force. (I) the relationship with the community: to promote the city as a space for the production of food and vegetables, subsidies for part of the food self-sufficiency; at the same time can indirectly reduce the public's carbon footprint. (J) the relationship with the law: the aforementioned derivative of various legal issues 3.teamwork 4. the responsibility of training 5.relieve pressure: Weeding in addition to trouble 6.experience: love small life (organic planting) and the joy of harvest
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 王, 珍玲
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 民法、土地法、土地政策與法制
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 土地管理學系, 建設學院
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