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Title: 度羅斯之中西兩用裝:選購指南
Other Titles: The investment portfolio of BRICs.
Authors: 邱, 展業; 吳, 彥澄; 吳, 凱文; 李, 志琛; 蔣, 仁; 高, 連洲; 陳, 羿熏; 陳, 宏揚
Keywords: 股市
Stock Market
Bond Market
Foreign Currency Market
Investment Portfolio
Diversification of Risk
Issue Date: 27-3-2017
Abstract: 作為主要新興市場國家,「金磚四國」國土面積佔世界領土總面積的26%,人口占世界總人口的42%,國內生產總值佔世界總量的14.6%,按購買力平價計算對世界經濟增長的貢獻巨大。我們想要透過研究四個國家的股市匯市與債市來進行投資,並探討各個國家金融市場的歷史與前景,透過資料的分析,選出三個金融市場來組成一個投資組合。 在研究的過程中,我們利用word、excel、以及power point三個軟體進行分析,以及搜集網站上所提供的數據(如GDP成長率、失業率、通貨膨脹率等等…)進行投資組合的風險最小化與報酬最大化。最終我們選擇投資20%巴西匯市,20%印度股市,40%俄羅斯股市以及20%中國債市。
As major emerging markets, BRICs account for 26% of the world's land area, 42% of the world's total population, 14.6% of the gross global product, and have made a great contribution to global economic growth according to purchasing power parity. We intend to carry on our transactions by analysing data of stock markets, bond markets and foreign currency markets of the four countries and discussing their current situation and prospect as well. Through the data analysis, we will select three markets to compose our investment portfolio. We utilize a range of software such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint to manage our data through the analysis. And we gathered pivotal data (GDP, unemployment rate, inflation rate, etc.) from the Internet to make sure that our portfolio has maximum of return and minimum of risk. Finally, our portfolio comes out as follows: 20% of Brazil foreign currency market, 20% of indian stock market, 40% of Russian stock market and 20% of Chinese bond market.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 林, 昆立
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 金融市場
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