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Title: 認識路口
Other Titles: The Crossroads
Authors: 黃, 信清
Keywords: 交通事故
traffic accident
road construction
road planning
Issue Date: 27-3-2017
Abstract: 一件交通事故的發生與道路工程有關的肇事因素,約占50%的影響力,有些是直接的,有些是間接的,通常包括道路設計、標誌、標線、號誌、安全設施、警告設施、防護設施等。每樣都涉及事故的發生。在沒有出事前,是屬理想型的設計,一旦事故發生率高了,才未注意上述的道路設施,是否合乎安全駕駛的條件,是我們必須改進的。各級政府設有道安委員會,職司改善的責任,每年花大筆的經費,做為改善之用。然因資訊收集困難,工程人員缺乏,又無專職,專責單位負其全責,往往改善工程,緩不濟急,總落在事故發生多起之後,故收集各不同路段彙整如後提供。吾人以Google街景圖及道路交通標誌標線號誌設置規則輔助,檢視台中市路口路況,並將所見缺失指出。道路規劃自科技發展後是不斷的在變更,如今許多會如此規畫的錯誤地段,可能在當時都有著其合理存在的原因,但我們不能忽視其可能造成的影響,還是要盡可能的規劃完善,汰除不合格或不合理的路口標號誌,減少事故發生的原因並降低發生機率。
A traffic accident is always related to road construction which takes about 50 percent. The cause of the accident includes road design, signs, marking, number, safety facilities, warning facilities, protective equipment, etc and each of them involves the occurrence of an accident. They belong to the design of ideal type before an accident happens. Once it happens, we need to improve that whether these road constructions are matching the condition of safe driving or not. Since the development of science and technology, road planning is constantly changing. Nowadays, many of the wrong sections that were been design may have the reason for their reasonable existence at that time. However, we can not ignore the influences. We need to improve it and make the incident rate be decreased.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 張, 漢威
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 交通肇事鑑定實務
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