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Title: 管路流量計試驗
Other Titles: Line flow meter test
Authors: 簡, 子媛; 張, 雅淑
Keywords: 孔口計
Bernoulli's principle
Venturi meter
Orifice meter
Issue Date: 17-4-2017
Abstract: 藉由管路系統中流量的裝置(如孔口計、文氏計等),量測各管徑所產生的壓力差,藉由壓力差來計算流量;再利用壓差討論各管路損失的情形。   一開始先開啟水閥並打開流水閥使管路滿管,等水流穩定後測其流量,調整流量使管路產生壓力差。此實驗利用伯努力方程式及壓差可求流量。也可利用壓差討論損失情形。最後我們得知,文氏計與孔口計為良好的流量計。
By means of flowmaters piping systems (Orifice meter、Venturimeter) measure the pressure difference in each of pipes. In addition, we calculate discharge and discuss loss in pipes by pressure difference.   In the beginning, turning on the water valve switch makes pipes filled. When the flow is steady, we can measure discharge. And we can change discharge to measure pressure difference. Following step is that calculating discharge by Bernoulli's principle. You can compare discharge which is measured with discharge which is calculated. Finally, we discover that Venturi meter and Orifice meter both are precise flow meters.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 許, 少華
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 流體力學試驗
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