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Title: 行動支付採用落差之探討:台灣與中國大陸之比較
Other Titles: A study on the Gaps of Mobile Payment Adoption: between Taiwan and Mainland China
Authors: 劉, 映佑; 戴, 佳來; 趙, 瑄妤; 沈, 樂添; 白, 珂凡; 林, 思彤
Keywords: 行動支付
Mobile Payment
Third-Party Payment
Technology Acceptance Model
Issue Date: 24-4-2017
Abstract: 隨著資通訊科技的快速發展及行動裝置的普及,電子商務活動從網路購物發展到行動購物,除了消費機制的改變外,這其中也包含消費行為、消費環境與消費文化等等,然而在與來台灣求學的陸生的互動過程中,我們觀察到從這群來自中國大陸學生對台灣消費環境的反應:「台灣的資通訊科技的發展快速且相對成熟,可是在行動支付的採用程度卻不及資通訊科技發展起跑較晚的中國大陸,是硬體設備不足、還是交易機制與消費文化與環境的差異、亦或者是政策條款的限制呢?」。同時,從相關報導與文獻中我們也發現到行動支付的採用,應該會跟消費習慣與文化有顯著的關係,所以我們想從使用者觀點的角度切入,以使用者接受程度與科技接受模式為理論架構,以中部人潮最多的逢甲商圈為主要調查範圍,包括來台求學的陸生及年輕消費族群與商圈的店家,探討台灣與大陸有關行動支付的採用落差及相關影響因素。 本專題研究旨在以消費者觀點來探討行動支付的採用情況與行為,以來台陸生及逢甲商圈消費者為主要的研究對象與範圍,根據文獻與目前初步訪談與調查結果,設計半結構式問卷,用以研究逢甲商圈的店家有關行動支付採用的考量,據以了解消費機制相關問題,並以結構式問卷,進行實證研究。預期本專題研究計畫能為來台陸生對於台灣行動支付採用情況的疑問提出合理的解答,接著進一步根據問卷與訪談結果驗證本專題研究計畫所提出的研究架構,並探討大陸與台灣兩岸行動支付採用落差可能的影響因素,預期本專題研究成果能提供行動支付服務相關推行與改善的參考。
With the fast development of information communication technology and popularization of mobile device, E-commerce grows from online business to mobile commerce. In addition to the change of the consumption mechanism, the reason for the change in E-commerce also include consumer behavior, consumption environment and consumption culture, etc. However, when we interact with Chinese students studying in Taiwan, we observe their response to the environment of consumption, “Why the degree of mobile payment in Taiwan is defeated by China which development of information communication technology later than Taiwan?” At the same time, we find the adoption of mobile payment might be related to consumption habit and culture from related reports and literature. From the user's point of view, we use Technology Acceptance Model and user acceptance as our theoretical architecture. We use Feng Chia Night Market that most popular in central Taiwan as the main field of investigation to research the adoption gap and related affecting factors about mobile payment between Taiwan and Mainland China. This study designed to investigate the adoption and behavior of mobile payment from the consumer's point of view with Chinese students studying in Taiwan and consumers at Feng Chia Night Market as the main subject and scope of study. According to literature and preliminary result of interview and investigation, we design a semi-structured questionnaire to find considerations of shop owners at Feng Chia Night Market about the mobile payment when they use it. After understanding related problems of consumption mechanism, we can conduct an empirical research with structured questionnaire. First, we expect this study can bring the reasonable answer to the adoption of mobile payment in Taiwan for Chinese students studying here. Then, according to the result of questionnaire and interview, we can confirm our theoretical architecture in this study and find out the possible affecting factors about the adoption gap of mobile payment between Taiwan and Mainland China. Finally, we expect the result of this study could be provided as a reference about the promotion and improvement to service of mobile payment.
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