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Title: Reconnection:海洋×人文×跨世代 在地老化創新服務模式:以澎湖為例
Other Titles: Reconnection: Ocean X Humanity X Cross-generation An Innovative Service Model for Aging in Penghu
Authors: 李, 舒媺; 陳, 昕; 蔡, 秉諺; 傅, 詩淯; 戴, 宇德
Keywords: 石滬
Aging in place
Experience economic
Image documentary
Service design
Stone weirs
Issue Date: 24-4-2017
Abstract: 本在地服務創新企劃以海洋文化傳承為主軸,以澎湖在地文化的傳承者──高齡族群為主要關懷對象,以海洋文化石滬的保存為傳承主要內容,了解他們「過去、現在、未來」三個階段的故事,透過故事記錄分享及交換,連結在地不同世代的族群,促進跨世代的溝通、連結、進而深耕在地文化。 以海洋文化做為素材以及媒介,透過資通訊科技(Information and Communication Technology, ICT)及社群媒體(Social Media)的應用,來推廣與傳播澎湖在地海洋文化,提出一個澎湖文化傳承與體驗的創新服務模式,永續澎湖在地的人文生活與海洋文化。 「Reconnection──海洋X人文X跨世代」作為澎湖「海洋文化傳承、服務創新、以及在地實踐」的企劃,透過服務創新及服務設計的概念,結合資通訊科技開發海洋文化體驗旅行之APP做為傳承工具,並以社群網絡作為推廣平台,以高齡者故事、知識為傳承基礎,年輕人作為轉化溝通之角色,讓新一代的孩童們得以承接這些長者們的智慧結晶。以記錄、轉化、傳承、反饋的服務流程深根在地,結合澎湖人文歷史、海洋文化及體驗旅遊,建構在地創新服務模式。
Reconnection: Ocean X Humanity X Cross-generation project focuses on marine culture stone weirs heritage and the story of the past, present and future from the seniors in Penghu. Through story sharing and exchanging, to reconnect the different generations’ feeling of their homeland, to promote cross-generation communication, and then deepen the local culture in Penghu is the vision of this project. To promote and disseminate Penghu's local marine culture through the application of information and communication technology (ICT) and social media, then to propose an innovative service model with culture experiencing and heritage; furthermore, to preserve the humanity and marine culture perpetually. Using the concept of service innovation, the tools of service design, and the application of information and communication technology, this project has developed a marine culture experiencing APP as a culture heritage tool, and the social media as a promotional platform. Implementing the four steps service process “record, transform, inherit, feedback”, record the seniors’ stories and knowledge as the heritage basic, and let the young people play the role of transforming and communicating. In order to pass down those precious culture to the new born generation, to deepen the local culture in Penghu; last but not least, to construct the innovative service model combining the humanity, the marine culture, and the experiencing tourism.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 吳, 如娟
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 企業管理專題研究(一)
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