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Title: 全球策略管理: 石城實業股份有限公司 個案研究
Other Titles: Global strategic management: Case Study of Shih Chen Foods Company
Authors: 江, 郁姈; 楊, 友甄; 廖, 珮君
Keywords: 石城實業股份有限公司
Shih Chen Foods Company
five force
Resource Based View
value chain
national diamond
Issue Date: 15-4-2018
Abstract: 摘要 本研究將透過石城實業股份有限公司之個案研究了解整個沖泡式飲品產業。本研究採用九種不同的策略分析了解石城實業股份有限公司。如果一間沖泡式飲品公司可以成功打開國際市場,那他就有更多機會賺取利潤。三點一刻是石城實業最成功的品牌,也是少數幾個國際化的國內品牌。本研究前部分將比較三點一刻與台灣市場中的其他品牌(包含國際品牌),而後半段我們將會完全專注在三點一刻和其他國內品牌的比較。前半段中或許我們會推論出三點一刻的價值來自R&D或產品品質,但越往後面章節分析,我們發現三點一刻真正的價值來自於行銷及另一面向的產品品質。最終,我們得到了一個結論-"創新”及”顧客信任”是企業生存的兩個關鍵法則,而此法則不僅可以運用在沖泡式產業,亦可運用在其他不同領域的產業。
Abstract This paper via introduce the case of Shih Chen Foods Company to realize the whole instant drink industry. In this study, we apply nine analytic methods to understand Shih Chen Foods Company. If an instant drink company can open international market, it will have more chance to make profits. 3:15pm, a most successful brand in Shih Chen Foods Company, made it in a few brands which can internationalize. In forward sections we compare 3:15pm with the brands included international brands in Taiwan market, but in rear parts we will more concentrate on comparing 3:15pm with other domestic brands. In front, maybe we will infer the value of 3:15pm comes from R&D or quality, however, in latter parts the answer of value coming from is successful marketing and another aspect of quality. We also have a conclusion that not only in instant drink industry but also other different field industries that creation and customer trust are two critical factors of companies to survive.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 羅, 芳怡
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 全球策略管理
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