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Title: 冰火新口味:對女大生購買意願的影響
Other Titles: The Influence of Ice Fire New flavor to Female university students Purchase Intention
Authors: 鄭, 伊淳; 莊, 雅嵐; 劉, 宛宜; 蕭, 妘倢; 陳, 佳琳
Keywords: 行銷研究
Marketing research
Questionnaire Survey
Ice Fire
Purchase intention
Issue Date: 15-4-2018
Abstract: 中文摘要 市面上低酒精飲品品牌眾多,其中又以「冰火」最為知名。但現在市場越來越多進口品牌,進口品牌調酒包裝更貼近女性消費者,有可愛包裝或精美路線,口味也更多變,低酒精性飲品的市場競爭愈漸激烈,消費者有更多的選擇。為了增強冰火的優勢,我們嘗試調配新口味,進一步增強女性消費者對冰火的購買意願。此行銷研究目的為了解新口味對女大生購買意願有何影響。透過問卷衡量、質性訪談、事後有控制實驗法進行行銷研究,結果顯示冰火新口味能增加女大生對冰火的購買意願。
Abstract There are a lot of brands of RTD alcoholic drinks in Taiwan, among which "Ice Fire" is the most famous. However, "Ice Fire” face fierce competition with increased foreign rivals. Foreign brands with more gorgeous package and various flavors pose a threaten to "Ice Fire". In order to strengthen advantages of Ice fire, we try to allocate new flavors to enhance the willingness of female university students who is the target market to "Ice Fire" to purchase ICE FIRE. The purpose of this marketing research is to understand how new flavor affects the willingness of female university students. Through survey, qualitative interview, and post-control marketing experiment, the result shows that the new flavor of ICE FIRE can increase the willingness of female university students to purchase ICE FIRE.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 林, 呈昱
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 行銷研究
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