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Title: 咖哩魚夫之財務及管理分析
Other Titles: The Financial and Management Analysis of Arowana Curry
Authors: 陳, 旻郁; 蔡, 馨瑩; 林, 芳均; 黃, 郁雯; 蔡, 孟璇; 林, 宜旻; 詹, 桂芳
Keywords: 咖哩魚夫
Arowana Curry
Accounting Information System (AIS)
Financial and Management Analysis
Issue Date: 15-4-2018
Abstract: 中文摘要 透過會計及資訊系統協助咖哩魚夫解決財務問題或其他管理問題,並研究分析其面臨之狀況,進而提出建議及改善方法,並促進其營業績效。 首先,逐一了解咖哩魚夫產業內容,不論是成本面、費用面、亦或是收入面,並透過財務分析,給予老闆娘建議並增加行銷手法。在訪問過程中,得知老闆娘在創業過程中最想要知道顧客消費的滿意程度及建議,因此做了顧客消費問卷調查及分析,給予回饋。甚至在金錢方面,也善加運用EXCEL記帳,透過電腦化管理讓財務資訊及內容更加清晰明瞭。 經過一連串的調查、分析並且實施,讓咖哩魚夫的能見度更加寬廣,吸引更多客源,使其收入更加穩定,也逐步縮減淡旺季營業額的差異。期待未來能夠看見咖哩魚夫發揚光大,讓更多人感受到溫暖的咖哩。
Abstract We used Accounting Information System to help Arowana Curry solve financial problems and management issues. Not only this, to improve efficiency, we also analyzed the situation that Arowana Curry faced, and then gave some advice. We tried to figure out good ways to work effectiveness better. First of all, we tried to understand how Arowana Curry works step by step in various aspects, such as cost and income. By doing financial analysis, we can give proprietress good advice to increase marketing. From our interview, we noticed what proprietress wanted to know the most were customer satisfaction and advice. Because of this reason, she made questionnaire survey and did some analysis to gain customers’ feedback. As for finance, proprietress tracked her expenses by using Excel. Online tracking made all the financial information more clear. Through lots of surveying, analyzing, and implementing, there are more and more people knew Arowana Curry. As more and more customers knew this industry, the income of Arowana Curry is more stable than before. Income gap between low season and high season was narrowed down as well. We hope that more customers can notice Arowana Curry in the future. Come and enjoy this awesome food!
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 黃, 娟娟
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 會計資訊系統
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