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Title: 穎宇珞工作室行銷策略分析及研究
Other Titles: An Analysis of Marketing Strategies of YING-YU-LUO Studio
Authors: 李, 劼霖; 林, 依萱
Keywords: 工作室
E. M. Rogers創新擴散理論
Questionnaire analysis
E. M. Rogers's Diffusion of Innovation Theory
Issue Date: 15-4-2018
Abstract: 中文摘要 本專案之個案為穎宇珞工作室,是一間位於逢甲地區專職於禪繞畫教學的工作室,主要商品為課程販售,輔以明信片、肩背帆布包等禪繞畫作品。個案是屬於一人工作室,故在專案操作上能直接面對擁有決策權的業主,不須層層傳遞,因此相對快速。個案甫開業,故此次專案是協助個案尋找目標客群之屬性,我們利用訪談及問卷調查的方式蒐集數據,並分析相關係數。若對問卷設計有需求者,可以參考本專案的問卷設計方法及內容。根據我們的問卷調查發現,禪繞畫是一個屬於知名度較低的產品,我們參考了E. M. Rogers的創新擴散理論,藉由其指標設計策略,所以本次專案利用在校園開課的方式協助業主擴散禪繞畫,提升其知名度。若有新的產品或服務需要進行推廣,可參考E. M. Rogers的創新擴散理論,及本專案的應用。此專案除了上述兩大重點,也進行了SWOT分析、4P分析、STP分析等,作為專案執行的重要佐證。
Abstract The case study of this project is "YING-YU-LUO Studio", located in Feng-Chia. The teacher of this art studio is specialized in Zantangle. Its main product is the sale of teaching Zantangle courses. Besides, the teacher sells her Zantangle art creation like a postcard or bag. In this case, the cooperation partner is a personal studio, so we could communicate with the policymaker directly. The art studio has just opened in April 2017. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to help our cooperation partner find the attributes of target customers. We collected data by interviews and questionnaires. Then, we analyzed the correlation coefficient to figure out whether people who like Zentangle are related to certain personality traits. If you are interested in the design of the questionnaire, please refer to the appendix. According to our questionnaire survey, we found that Zantangle was not quite famous in Taiwan. For this problem, we consulted Diffusion of Innovations written by Everett M. Rogers. Next, we offered the course teaching Zantangle in Feng-Chia University to raise the reputation of the art studio and Zantangle. If you have new product or service which need to promote, you can refer to Diffusion of Innovations and the application in this project. Except for the two points we mentioned above, we also did SWOT, 4Ps, STP to be the important proof in this project.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 簡, 士超
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 品牌關係經營實務專題
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