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Title: What Are the Important Factors for NBA Player Salaries in 2017?
Authors: 鄭, 哲睿; 朱, 天婕; 林, 翰博; 薛, 藝湛; 周, 佳玉; Zheng, Zhe-Rui; Zhu, Tian-Jie; Lin, Han-Bo; Xue, Yi-Zhan; Zhou, Jia-Yu
Keywords: National Basketball Association
Multiple Linear Regression
Model Selection
Influential Point
Issue Date: 27-4-2018
Abstract: Abstract It is of great interest to identify the factors that influence the salaries of National Basketball Association (NBA) players. This study examines the 2017-2018 wages of 100 NBA players which are randomly selected by the SAS software based on their career performance variables using a multiple linear regression. There are 28 explanatory variables which include age, 3-point field goals per game and free throws per game. The multiple regression analysis is conducted to determine the explanatory variables which are helpful in predicting the salaries of NBA players. Five methods for model selection are used, these include forward selection, backward elimination, stepwise selection, adjusted R-square selection method and C(p) method. All five methods demonstrated similar results. Results indicated that variables such as games started, field goals per game, total rebounds per game, personal fouls per game, also the terms of contract used, have a significant correlation with salary.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 陳, 婉淑
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 數據分析
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 商學大數據分析雙學士學位學程, 國際科技與管理學院
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