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Title: 咕嚕貓咖啡旗艦館分析報告書
Other Titles: Retail Case Study Analysis : Gulu Cat Cafe
Authors: 卓, 彥欣; 簡, 宣婷; 曾, 玟瑄; 甘, 家浩; 陳, 俊賢; 陳, 信毅; 林, 俊利; 齋藤, 太陽; 田中, 真之介
Keywords: 寵物咖啡廳
Pet CAFÉ (cat)
Retail and access operations
Industry species and format analysis
Retail Strategy and Growth Matrix
Retail style
Retail site and business district analysis
Issue Date: 30-4-2018
Abstract: 中文摘要 咕嚕貓咖啡旗艦館分析報告書,將咕嚕貓咖啡進行店家分析,從各種方面改變缺點或是增進優點,也補充擴增分店的各種細節與建議。 從競爭者分析就細分各種類別的競爭者,包含業態分析與業種分析,用RF/T(Retail- Format/Target Markets)圖來表示可以讓業種間的關係更易理解,從不同的類型甚至是行業都有可能成為競爭者,藉此來判斷未來的競爭對手以做決策,避免浪費過多成本,SWOT分析來理解店家的優缺點,可對於現況或是未來進行改進與擴充,用成長矩陣來表示,可以知道執行方法的難易度與其帶來的效益,經由商圈和立地的分析,我們可以增加新的加盟店的商機,透過改善目前較為不利於經營的部分且帶來更多利益 ;未來新店的風格與細節,用模型的方式表現出新店的樣貌,融入動線、商品擺設、店家招牌和室內設計的元素。 咕嚕貓咖啡旗艦館,有部分的缺點可以改進,但是其核心優點就是貓咪主題咖啡,這種多角化是有極大的優勢,如果持續堅持可以長久經營,改善服務和增加新元素可使這家店成為知名品牌。
Abstract Gulu Cat Cafe analysis report. We used Gulu Cat Café to conduct their shop analysis from all aspect to transform their disadvantages or improve their advantages and also expand the various branches and other kinds of details and recommendations. Subdividing competitors from competitor analysis included format and industry analysis. Using RF / T (Retail- Format/Target Markets) charts to make inter-sectoral relationships easier to understand, from different types and even industries will become competitors. Determine the future competitors to make a decision to avoid excessive cost wasted. SWOT analysis is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the store to improve and extend for current situation or future. Using Growth Matrix can be wise to the difficulty of execution method and the benefits that it brought. According to the analysis of location and trading area, we can optimization the business opportunity of the new franchise store, and improve a part of shortcomings that disadvantage to operate. For the style and detail of new store, using the method of modeling to represent the looks of new store, and blend into the elements of traffic flow, product display, signboard and interior design. Gulu Cat Café has some shortcoming can be improve, but it’s core advantage is cat theme café. This kind of diversification has a great superiority, if it keep insisting the superiority, it can be long-term operation. Improve service and adding new element can let it become a famous brand.
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