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Title: 青年旅館—獨角獸的旅行個案分析
Other Titles: Youth Hostel - Unicorn HostelRetail Analysis
Authors: 游, 斯雅; 譚, 凱欣; 陳, 芷璇; 歐, 詠恩; 廖, 于萱; 汪, 亞歆; 吳, 念澄; 程, 意純; 陳, 舒敏; 陳, 祖穎; 鍾, 文虎
Keywords: 青年旅館
youth hostel
retail strategy
core competence
RF/T matrix
market penetration
Park Lane by CMP
Issue Date: 30-4-2018
Abstract: 摘要 本組選定青年旅館作為目標業種,目標店家是裝飾簡潔,坐落於傳統巷弄間的「獨角獸的旅行」。 同樣坐落於西屯區的五間青年旅館,透過業態分析的六大方向,劃分彼此不同的業態範疇,接著針對不同目標客群繪製RF/T矩陣,訂定本店主要客群在於「獨自旅行的冒險家」和「朋友出遊的團體」。同時透過矩陣及核心能耐的分析,採取市場滲透的成長策略,維持既有開放空間,營造彷彿家人間交流的歸屬感與親切感,最後加強旅店多方溝通策略,增加曝光度等等,作為短期內利潤回報較大的經營方向。 經由多項分析探討後,本組的商店模型內部設計採樓中樓格局,使旅客感受空間的寬敞舒適,另外,位址選定於台中市西區向上北路100號,位於勤美商業區域內部。店內的雙面大型落地窗正好面對綠園道,使光線明亮充足的同時,更可讓車潮與人潮看見店家的特色,再配合勤美廣場表演以及獨特的藝文活動,吸引為展演前來勤美的旅人駐足臺中,感受臺中的藝文之美。 「旅行的理由不需要闡述太多,一個字就可以概括全部:走。」 我們不只是提供給漫漫流浪者或是輕旅行者一個舒適自然的住宿環境,也提供旅行者彼此交流的空間,讓旅人能放下一切顧忌,拿起背包便能出走,走向夢想,探索未知的世界。
Abstract We chose youth hostel to be our target business, and our target youth hostel is “Unicorn Hostel”. “Unicorn Hostel”, located on tradition alleyway, giving travelers the warmest feeling with the simple interior design. We used retail strategy and core competence analysis to analyze the difference between Unicorn Hostel and other five youth hostels which are also located in Xitun District. We also drew a RF/T matrix to find out that the main customer bases of Unicorn Hostel are “explorers who travel alone” and “a group of friends”. Through the matrix and analysis, we decided to increase the market share by market penetration. To create the sense of belonging and friendliness, we keep the open-plan room. We also want to add a parking lot and check-in locations. Last but not least, we can increase the promotion budget to increase brand awareness. So that we can have more profit in the short period of time. After discussing, we created the ideal business model of the youth hotel. With the entresol inside, customers can relax in the broad space. Also, we find a perfect location, which is inside the Park Lane by CMP. Customers can feel the sunshine and brightness through the floor-to-ceiling window. Those who want to stay in Taichung can live in our hostel, feel the atmosphere, and find the beauty of Taichung. “Only one word can explain the reason of traveling: GO!” We not only provide a convenient living place, but a place for travelers to communicate. They can stay in and let go of worry and anxiety. With the backpacks on the shoulders, they can search for their dreams and explore the whole new world.
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