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Title: 美洲投資報告書
Other Titles: Investmentreport about America
Authors: 黃, 德輝; 黃, 聖哲; 徐, 靈迪; 李, 宜諼; 葉, 芷君; 陳, 昱潔; 林, 尚儒
Keywords: 美國
TheUnited States
Financial markets
Issue Date: 30-4-2018
Abstract: 中文摘要 這份報告針對加拿大、美國、阿根廷、墨西哥的金融市場進行分析,不僅讓我們對國際市場有一個更好的認識與瞭解,也是我們判斷市場趨勢的一次嘗試。首先關於加拿大,我們在了解該國整體經濟時發現其深受國際原油價格影響,不論是股市、債市或是匯市,都跟油價有著連動的關係,此份報告將會佐證此點。 而美國做為世界第一經濟強國,所做出的各項政策都會直接或間接地影響各國市場,該國各項指數也常常成為投資人的觀察標的,我們從這些指數進行美國經濟基本面的分析,也討論各項政策對於全世界的影響,進而得出是否投資美國的結論。 阿根廷在早些年曾經陷入嚴重的經濟衰退,但在近年來政府不斷的努力下,推行各項資本與鬆綁貿易政策,使國家漸漸的復甦,且成功的吸引外資投資,目前整體國家的市場情況是處於新的低點整理區,可以嘗試在此相對低點進入,長期佈局。 墨西哥,作為最靠近美國的國家,該國經濟深受美國影響,許多勞動力與與產品都出口至美國,但該國仍有缺乏能源與貪腐的問題亟需解決,另外美國對北美自由貿易協定的態度不明確,這對於墨西哥來講無疑是雪上加霜,這些變數都將讓投資人卻步。綜上分析,我們也最終制定了一份投資計劃,認為美國的股市、墨西哥的債市和加拿大的匯市較為值得投資。
Abstract This report is aimed at analyzing financial markets in America (Canada, the United States, Argentina, and Mexico). The report gives us not only a better understanding of international market but also an first attempt to judge market trends. First, we discovered that Canada's overall economy was deeply affected by international crude oil prices. No matterthe stock market, bond market or foreign exchange market, they are all related to oil prices. This report will support this point. The U.S., with the strongest economic power in the world, all the policies it makes will affect the markets of all countries directly or indirectly. The United States’ various indexes are often the targets of investors’ observations. We made the analysis of the United States. economic fundamentals based on the indexes and also discussed the impacts of various policies on the world. We conclude further whether it is worthwhile to invest in the United States. Argentina had fallen into a severe economic recession in the early years. However, with the continuous efforts of the government, they implement various capital and loosening of trade policies. The economy of Argentina has gradually recovered, and foreign investment has been successfully attracted in recentyears. Currently, the overall national market conditions are in a new low point finishing area. You can try to make an investment at the relatively low point and derivelong-termbenefits. Mexico, as the country closest to the United States, it can be said that its economy is deeply affected by the United States’ economy. Many Mexican labors and products are exported to the United States. However, the country still has many problems such as lack of energy and corruption should be solved. Otherwise, the United States’ attitude towards the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is unclear, which undoubtedly adds insult to injury for Mexico. These variables will deter investors. In summary, we have also finalized an investment plan and believe that the U.S. stock market, the Mexican bond market, and the Canadian foreign exchange market are worth investing comparatively.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 林, 昆立
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 金融市場
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