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Title: 噴流撞擊試驗
Other Titles: Jet impact test
Authors: 林, 美華; 林, 千惠; 薛, 順鴻
Keywords: 噴流撞擊
Jet impact
lever principle
flat panel
hemisphere cup
Issue Date: 30-4-2018
Abstract: 摘要 當水流沖擊物體表面時,是會產生衝擊力的,而衝擊力大小的測量是本次實驗的主要課題。當相同的水流沖擊不同形狀的物體時,物體表面受到的衝擊力是相同的嗎?那要如何測量衝擊力呢?如何得知水流沖擊在不同的物體上的差異性呢?我們對此深感疑惑,於是調查這幾件事,也是這次實驗的課題之一。 本實驗室利用噴流撞擊試驗儀器,使用槓桿原理,利用砝碼和力矩量測水注射流作用於平版或半球杯上之力量大小,並依流體之動量恆量方程式計算此力之理論值,經由實驗值與理論值之比較以瞭解動量變化與恆量的關係,以及驗證流體之動量方程式。 本次實驗可得出流體作用之大小可隨不同形狀的受衝擊葉片而改變。且實驗時使用兩種模型版(平版及半球杯),當流量計固定時便可觀察到兩者受衝擊後的差異性,最後得出半球杯受衝擊較平版明顯之結論。生活中存在著許多利用噴流原理的儀器,例如高壓清洗機可去除建築物外表的殘漆和污物,水刀可切割大部分材料且切口平滑等,由實驗結論可知,這些儀器在使用時若受衝擊物體是有弧度,則使用的效果會較明顯。
Abstract When the water impact the surface of the object, it will have an impact force, and the impact of the size of the test is themain subject of this experiment. When the same water impact different shapes of objects, the surface impact is the same? How to measure impact? How to know the impact of water impact on different objects? We are deeply puzzled by this, so investigating these few things is also one of the subjects of this experiment. The laboratory using jet impact testequipment, the use of lever principle, the use of weights and moments measuring water injection force acting on the plate or hemisphere cup strength size, and according to the fluid momentum constant equation to calculate the theoretical value of this force through the experiment Comparisons of values and theoretical values to understand the relationship between momentum changes and constants, and to verify the momentum equations of fluids. This experiment shows that the size of the fluid effect can vary with different shapes of impacted leaves. And the experiment using two model version (lithography and hemisphere cup), when the flowmeter can be observed when the two were shocked by the difference between the final draw hemisphere cup impact than the lithographic obvious conclusion. There are many instruments that use the principle of jet flow in life. For example, the pressure washer can remove residual paint and dirt on the exterior of a building, the waterjet can cut most of the material and the incision is smooth. From the experimental conclusion, The impact of the object is curved, the effect will be more obvious.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 許, 少華
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 流體力學試驗
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