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Title: 認識路
Other Titles: Know the route
Authors: 許, 雅婷; 蕭, 以安; 陳, 怡樺
Keywords: 道路交通標誌
google map
road traffic signs
traffic accident
traffic accident analysis method
Issue Date: 18-10-2018
Abstract: (1) 目的:馬路如虎口,現今車禍事故天天上演著,平常不只要遵守交通規則、 注意車前狀況外,若能進一步了解道路交通標誌、標線等,在發生車禍時能 為自己捍衛權益。 (2) 過程及方法:運用上課所學,再藉由Google地圖及實地勘察,找出道路標示不合理之處。 (3) 結果:透過認識道路交通標誌、標線,找出道路標示不合理之處,即時向相關單位提出建議及改善,道路規劃若完善,將能大大改善、保障用路人安全、降低事故發生率。如遇到車禍時,可以運用車禍分析分法,找出車禍的責任歸屬與理賠比例,捍衛自己的權益。
(1) Purpose: Nowadays, the car accident happen everyday so not only people should obey the traffic rules, mind the situation in front of car when you are driving, but if further understanding the traffic signs and marking lines meaning, then people can defend their rights when in traffic accident. (2) Process and method: By using Google maps and field surveys in personally to find out the unreasonable part of road traffic signs. (3) Result: By understanding the road traffic signs and marking lines, finding out the unreasonable part of road traffic signs, then promptly make suggestions to the relevant units. If the road planning is perfect, it will greatly improve and ensure the safety of passers-by and reduce traffic accidents rate. In the event of a car accident, people can use the traffic accident analysis method to find out the responsibility of the car accident and the proportion of claims, defending their rights and interests.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 張, 漢威
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 肇事科學鑑定實務
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 通識教育中心
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