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Title: 臺鐵EMU1200,EMU600車輛故障原因之探討
Other Titles: The study on the failure causes of EMU1200 and EMU600 for Taiwan Railways Administration
Authors: 梁, 庭嘉; 關, 凱丰; 丁, 楚文
Keywords: 臺鐵
Taiwan Railway
Risk Management
Accident / Incident
Risk Matrix
Issue Date: 23-10-2018
Abstract:  臺鐵局常因車輛故障導致列車停駛或延誤,本研究藉由臺鐵電聯車故障率最高之EMU1200型與EMU600型,探討車輛故障率高之原因。透過列車故障統計、問卷調查、專家訪談及繪製風險矩陣等方式,發現EMU600型主風泵、雙塔乾燥器等設備故障機率偏高,因此,本研究建議臺鐵局制定零件生命週期進行預防性更換;EMU1200型則由於車輛過於老舊,電子卡、線路配線等已經老化,建議除役。
Failures of trains will cause the train delay of cancellation in Taiwan Railways Administration(TRA). The aim of the study is to investigate the causes of the highest failure rates of EMU600 & EMU1200. The methologies include the analysis of failure data, questionnaire analysis, expert interviews and risk matrix mapping. The study shows that EMU600’s main air pump, double tower dryer, and other equipment have high probabilities of failure. It is recommended life cyle as preventive maintenance. This study also find that due to aging electric components, future repairs for EMU1200 may result in excessive maintenance costs. It is recommended that TRA implement the EMU1200 shall be out of service as early as possible.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 葉, 名山
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 專題研究
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 運輸與物流學系, 建設學院
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