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Title: 漫步雨中死亡花園,探索世界生命奧妙
Other Titles: Rambling in the Garden of Death during Raining, Inquire the Subtle of Life in the World
Authors: 李, 岢嬋
Keywords: 生命與死亡
life and death
mental ego
Issue Date: 23-10-2018
Abstract: 我們每個人都會死亡,這是世界上唯一公平的事。同時,我們也對死亡感到如此害怕,以致於很多人不易在臨終時刻安然感受生命的奧秘。事實上,在生命的旅程和終點處,有許多奧妙等著我們去發現,不管是自我的追尋,或是生命的意義。我希望通過此篇內容反思課程的學習,或許可以替自己找到屬於自己的某些答案。 此篇一開始是談到我個人在課堂上討論的內容中得到的生活體悟,其中有關人際關係,情緒管理,還有對於我自身的反思;接下來則談到通過探討本課程中所使用文本的某些資料內容,而有所領悟自身並得到自己想得到的有關生死的答案,並在生活中更加無懼而實踐於接受死亡的存在。
We all die finally, and it is the only equal thing in the world. Meanwhile, we are so afraid of the death that so many people are not easy to sense and to understand the secrets of life peacefully when approaching their ends. In fact, no matter what about the pursuing of ourselves or asking the meaning of life there are many subtle things waiting for us to find out during the journey and approaching the terminus of our life. I hope that this issue of the contents of the reflection of life and death through learning this course will help me for myself to find some answers which belong to me. In the beginning of this article, I talk about what I had learned from the class, includes interpersonal relationship, mood administration and reflection of myself. In the following parts some topics of the text content which were introduced in the class are used and through the investigation of those materials I have got more understood myself and have got some answers about life and death. Then I find that I can more accept the exist of death with fearless in the life in practical.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 劉, 秀齡
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 生死與哲學
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 通識教育中心
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