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Title: 流體力學試驗結報 第三章 銳緣堰流量試驗
Other Titles: sharp crested weir flow test
Authors: 廖, 茗緯; 黃, 昶輔; 陳, 齊浩
Keywords: 銳緣堰
Sharp crested weir
Flow Coefficient
Artificial channel
Issue Date: 5-5-2020
Abstract: 水堰在工程中,可以調節河川和人工渠道的流量。此次試驗是河川和人工河道對於水堰的縮小版,如果我們知道其堰口上游的水位高度和其流量的關係,可以簡略的了解其河川中流量的變化問題,對於其堰口的形狀,有三角形、梯形、矩形,利用銳緣堰流量試驗儀進行觀測,求證其堰口形狀對於水位變化與流量變化的關係式,比較不同形狀的銳緣堰之理論流量與實際流量之差異,並求出流量係數的大致範圍。
Weirs in the project can regulate the flow of rivers and artificial channels. This test is a reduced version of rivers and artificial rivers for weirs. If we know the relationship between the water level upstream of its weir mouth and its discharge, we can briefly understand the change of flow in its river. For the shape of its weir, there is a triangle. , Trapezoidal, rectangular, observe with a sharp edge weir flow tester, verify the relationship between the shape of the weir mouth and the change in water level and flow, compare the difference between the theoretical flow and actual flow of the sharp edge weir with different shapes, and find the flow coefficient The approximate range.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 許, 少華
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 流體力學試驗
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 水利工程與資源保育學系, 建設學院
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