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Title: 南心幹線公車路線規劃
Other Titles: Nan-Hsin Main Line Bus Route Planning
Authors: 鄭, 如晴; 陳, 晉明; 平, 毅; 高, 子鈞; 陳, 楷捷; 蘇, 亭維
Keywords: 公車路線規劃
Bus Route Planning
Issue Date: 5-5-2020
Abstract: 台中市的城市發展與大眾運輸發展都是由台中火車站慢慢往外一圈圈的擴散,從最一開始的中區、三民路、五權路、忠明南路、文心路最後到環中路,而道路系統也是以輻射狀的向外擴散,因此本組想要補足環狀路網上大眾運輸不足的情況,且串聯此廊帶的四所大專院校,藉由問卷調查結果將四所學校最常去的景點規劃成一條公車路線,因路線主要行經河南路及文心路,故本組將此路線命名為『南心幹線』。 本組利用CUBE軟體,進行南心幹線與原73路公車的運費與班距作比較、與捷運綠線通車後是否會對本路線產生影響,及了解運量對於票價和班距的變化。再來利用邏輯特分析,解釋哪些變數對於方案比較有效用以及顯著性,最後使用VISSIM軟體,模擬真實車道情況、績效評估。 發現南區和南屯區的有相當多的人數要去逢甲商圈,故若是行經逢甲商圈能增加公車服務的人口,因此此路線行駛進逢甲商圈是有價值的、此路線與捷運綠線有部分重疊,但公車與捷運本身就是互補的運具,公車可幫捷運補足無法服務到之旅客、班距加長對於運量影響比票價提高還大,而票價減少對於運量影響比班距縮短還大。
The urban development and public transportation development of Taichung City have gradually spread from the Taichung Station. From the beginning of Central District, Sanmin Road, Wuquan Road, Zhongming South Road, Wenxin Road to Huanzhong Road, the road system also spreads outwards in a radial pattern, so my group wants to make up for the lack of mass transportation on the circle road network, and connects the four universities in this corridor with the results of the questionnaire survey. Attractions are planned as a bus route. Since the route mainly passes through Henan Road and Wenxin Road, this group named this route " Nan-Hsin Main Line ". My group uses the CUBE software to compare the cost and headway between the Nanxin Main Line and the seventy-three bus in Taichung, whether it will affect the route after being opened to the MRT Green Line, and understand the changes in traffic capacity to fares and headway. Then use Nlogit software to explain which variables are more effective and significant for the solution. Finally, use VISSIM software to simulate real lane conditions and performance evaluation. It is found that many people in Nan District and Nantun District are going to Fengjia Business District. Therefore, people services can be increased by passing through Fengjia Business District, this route is valuable to enter Fengjia Business District. It partially overlaps with the MRT Green Line, but the bus and the MRT are complementary mode. The bus can help MRT to make up for passengers who cannot be served, and the reduce headway will have a greater impact on traffic capacity than increase fares. The decrease fares will have a greater impact on traffic capacity is greater than reduce headway.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 林, 良泰
陳, 朝輝
葉, 昭甫
李, 宗益
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 運輸規劃
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 運輸與物流學系, 建設學院
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