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Title: 手工具產業數位轉型之個案研究
Other Titles: Study of digital transformation in hand tool industry
Authors: 劉, 耕溥; 李, 宥陞; 魏, 嘉慧; 粘, 凌溦; 黃, 仕鴻; 王, 唯安; 陳, 珮穎
Keywords: 製造業
Manufacturing Industry
Hand Tool Industry
Digital Transformation
Digital Manufacturing
Industry 4.0
Smart Factory
Digitalized Economy
Issue Date: 6-5-2020
Abstract: 本專題的研究目的有(一)了解手工具產業市場現況及面臨問題。(二)研究數位轉型的內涵及非數位原生企業進行數位轉型步驟。(三)探討手工具產業發展數位轉型是否有助於提升企業價值。 為達成本專題之研究目的,在研究方法上以文獻分析法(Document Analysis),針對所要研究的主題以文獻資料進行統整分析和研究探討,以及深度訪談法(In-Depth Interview),透過引導式訪談,根據研究動機及目設計訪談大綱,並視受訪者實際狀況彈性調整訪談順序及內容。 經過研究結果,我們得知對於97%都是中小企業(經濟部中小企業處107年統計)的台灣產業來說,手工具產業在近年進行數位轉型的可能性不大,但我們仍能先以賦能者中的系統和技術採用進行著手,引進諸如CRM、ERP或CMS系統等,目標在於優化作業流程、提高運作效能等。
This research has following objectives: (1) Understand the current situation of hand tool industry and problems they are facing. (2) Discuss the meaning of Digital Transformation and procedure for Non-Digital Native Enterprises to do digital transformation. (3) Explore whether digital transformation increases company value in hand tool industry. To achieve the objectives, this research uses Document Analysis Method to study the references for the topic. As for In-Depth Interview, this research uses Semi-Structured Interview to generate outline, and adjust the interview sequence and content based on the respondents’ answers. Through the investigation, this research knew that there is little possibility to do digital transformation for hand tool industry in Taiwan because nearly 97% of company are small and medium enterprise (SMEs). But we can still start digitalization with introducing such as CRM, ERP, CMS system to optimize the operation process as well as improve operational efficiency.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 董, 正玫
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 國際貿易經營管理
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 國際經營與貿易學系, 商學院
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