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Title: 置會商城 : 置入性行銷結合中科 購物廣場 聯合商家會員之問卷分析
Other Titles: The questionnaire analysis of embedded advertising and membership in Tech Mall
Authors: 郭, 東華; 王, 俞凱; 黃, 宇晨; 方, 品涵; 徐, 子婷; 鄭, 雅云; 魏, 怡姈; 周, 芷萱; 魏, 聖芳; 凃, 筱琪
Keywords: 長條圖
Bar charts
Nonparametric test
Pie chart
The Chi-Squared Test of Independence
Issue Date: 6-5-2020
Abstract: 本專題 目標 建立一個專屬於中科購物廣場會員 行動應用程式 (Mobile Application),讓使用者能 夠方便地暢遊 購物廣場 。加入會員除了能為顧客帶來更多好處與優惠,同時也能讓購物廣場更容易 蒐集 顧客喜好方面的資訊。再者, 中科購物廣場 會員 行動應用程式 能在 社群上帶來更高曝光 率 鞏 固附近住宅區客源 同時也能 吸引 外 地 觀光客前來消費。 過程及方法:透過發放問卷方式蒐集研究數據,共發放問卷 456份,得有效樣本 453份;並運 用所學統計方法進行 分析數 據。敘述統計部分,透過建立長條圖、圓餅圖、交叉 列聯表 、無母數檢 定法及卡方檢定方法來對問卷進行分析;希望了解 消費者平 時 付款習慣、偏好優惠種類與 加入會員 方式,進而達到增加 中科購物廣場 消費者流量。 我們發現 約 54%受訪者未加入店家會員,表示會員 普及率並不高,而且受訪者多數透過 Facebook及 Instagram得知店家 資訊,再加上有 51.63%受訪者選擇用 LINE@加入會員,表示若將 LINE@連結放在店家 粉絲專頁上,很大的機率能增加店家曝光率。由第一部分停車方便同意度觀 察 ,共有 53位受訪者填了同意度 1和 2,相對其他 16題,同意度是較差的,再加上問卷分析 得知, 有 36.22%受訪者選擇停車優惠,表示停車不方便與停車費較貴一直是消費者考慮 因素 之一, 如果 能將停車優惠放進中科聯合商家會員裡,必然能吸引消費者加入。
We want to create a membership Mobile Application (App) of Tech Mall so that users can have a great and convenient way of shopping. There are three advantages of membership. First, it can bring many benefits and discounts to customers. Secondly, Tech Mall can gather information about customer preferences. Thirdly, the App can increase the reputation of Tech Mall on social media. With increased exposure on the Internet, not only will nearby guests come frequently, but the number of tourists from other places will increase. Process and method: We collected our research data by issuing questionnaires. A total of 456 questionnaires were distributed, and 453 valid samples were obtained, and the statistical methods we learned in four years were used to analyze the data. In the part of descriptive statistics, we analyze the questionnaire by establishing the bar chart, pie chart, cross chart, non-numerical test method, and chi-square test method. We hope to understand customer’s preferences of payment habits, the types of discounts and ways to become members, to increase the number of consumers in Tech Mall. We found that about 54% of the respondents did not join the store's membership, indicating that the membership penetration rate is not high, and most of the respondents learned about the store's information through Facebook and Instagram. In addition, 51.63% of the respondents chose joining members with LINE@, it means that if the link of LINE@ is placed on the facebook, it may be a great chance to increase the store exposure. From the perspective of the parking convenience degree in the first part, a total of 53 respondents filled out the agreement degree 1 and 2. Compared with the other 16 questions, the agreement degree is poorer. In addition, through questionnaire analysis, we know that 36.22 % of respondents choose parking discounts, indicating that parking inconvenience and expensive parking fees have always been reasons that considered by consumers. Therefore, if parking discounts can be put into the members of SinoTech joint merchants, it will definitely attract consumers to join.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 高, 秀蘭
魏, 裕中
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 統計專題(一)
???metadata.dc.description.programme???: 統計學系, 商學院
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