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Title: MLV Liposomes in Dyeing of Wool with Madder
Other Titles: MLV脂質體在茜草染料的羊毛染色
Authors: Montazer, M.; Taghavi, F.; Toliyat, T.; Fallahpour, S.
Keywords: Colour strength (K/S)
Wool dyeing
Issue Date: 22-8-2007
Series/Report no.: 第九屆亞太紡織國際會議
Abstract: The multi-lamellar liposomes (MLV) from Soya lecithin with 75% phosphatidylcholine were prepared and the behavior of liposomes in dye-bath at different temperatures, time and concentrations were examined. The results showed that liposomes with concentration of below 3% o.w.f. (on weigh of fabric) in the dye-bath increases the K/S for the samples dyed at 85ºC or below for 60 min. Dyeing of wool at higher temperature and longer time with higher concentration of liposomes reduces the colour strength. This can be explained by the changes in the formation of the liposomes with increasing of temperature. Liposomes above 50ºC converted to the large particles of phospholipids at 60ºC to 75ºC. However the large particles of phospholipids transfer to smaller particles above 75ºC. The changes of the particles size of liposome leads to produce a uniform layer of phospholipid on the wool fabric surface above 85ºC and decreasing the colour strength. It can be concluded that using of 2% o.w.f of liposomes in dyeing of wool with madder at 85ºC for 60 min leads to improve K/S. The results also indicated that wash, light, wet and dry rub fastness properties of samples dyed with madder including liposomes has not been changed significantly.
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