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Title: 跨國教育資源網路「生活法則小品」教學分享
Other Titles: I*EARN in Taiwan— Sharing the Laws of Life
Authors: 李旻俐; 李志成; 陳年興
Keywords: 價值標準
Issue Date: 6-11-2007
Abstract: 生活法則小品」(Laws of Life Essays Project) 是一個國際性的小品文寫作計劃,邀請學生沉思並書寫出一直幫忙引導他們人生的價值標準。該計劃提供學生一個機會,以寫作的方式來表達勇氣、憐憫、和誠實等的社會、文化價值標準,是如何衝擊他們的生活,並進而與全球學生和老師分享他們的心得,也鼓勵學生去閱讀與回應其他學生的文章。 肩負教育工作的老師,應主動積極的與國外教師互動,並設計出一套完整的學習課程,將此課程藉由資訊網路,融入到日常生活中。老師與學生也可以藉此課程,善用主題式學習及專題式學習模式擴展他們的視野,進而瞭解不同國家、社會、文化的價值標準,並發展校際、國際間的「夥伴情誼」。 生活法則小品文以中文或英文為主,若可能的話也尋求客語或原住民語言的寫作。 而此一目標將設定為逐步達成之理想。 學生的文章將在民國九十二年的七月,以多種語言印刷出版,並分發給全球參與此一計劃者,精選摘錄選文將張貼在台灣國際教育資源網址上 (http://www.iearn.edu.tw)。
The project of “Laws of Life” is a global essay project, which involves students to write about their values of life. For students to write about the guidelines of how to live, the project also allows the full expression of the local social values of courage, sympathy and honesty. In other words, the project is aimed to share the “liveware”with worldwide teachers and students. They develop great partnership through telecommunication and help each other realize different cultural values. Besides, both theme-based and project-based models are applied to the LOL project. Students are required to write either Chinese or English, while local dialects such as aboriginal and Hukka are also welcomed. Hopefully the excellent teachers and students will represent Taiwan to join the annual I*EARN meeting in Moscow, Russia.
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