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Title: Extractor Codes with Applications
Authors: Chen, Rong-Jaye 等
Keywords: extractors
list decoding
soft-decision decoding
extractor codes
Issue Date: 30-6-2006
Series/Report no.: 中華民國92年全國計算機會議
Abstract: Extractors are functions which can "extract" random bits from certain distributions that contain some randomness. There are many applications of extractors in complexity theory. Extractor codes are codes which use extractors to encode information. Therefore they have the soft-decision decoding ability and could be suitable for highly noisy channels. In this paper,we first explain extractors and some relations with codes. we introduce an explicit extractor code based on Trevisan's extractor. Then we show an application of extractor codes on EC-RAID. We also bring up explicit and efficient calculating and recovering algorithms in our EC-RAID system, so that this new system can offer high reliability and performance.
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